Wutopia Lab : Aranya Kid’s Restaurant

The novel Peter Pan never stop inspiring and dreaming. If in the book, the children are kings in the Imaginary Land, in the Aranya restaurant in Changli Xian (China), the toddlers dominate a space with a fairy atmosphere where everything is thought for them, outside the rules of the "world of adults" .

In a parallelepiped of 1 000 square meters of floor space, hidden behind an opaque double skin in white polycarbonate, lies an enchanted universe where every corner conceals a lot of surprises.
Organized on two levels, the place has several entrances, each giving access to a unique atmosphere, waiting to be populated by the imaginary creatures that accompany the youngest. The ground floor which seems to be installed under a Milky Way thanks to a black ceiling pierced with LEDs. A sifted playground with hollow PVC bubbles, plastic balls to be used by children and bright spheres similar to small fireflies. The whole is organized around a circular central space welcoming beanbags and some tables to eat there.


A floor-to-ceiling, floor-to-ceiling mirror landing provides access to a bright yellow staircase - which can also be accessed directly from the outside - which leads to a radically different upper room. If black dominated in the previous space, here everything is immaculate white. A second circular structure hosts tables and chairs where diners can sit to regain strength, all under a ceiling covered with clear balloons inflated with helium that seem to float as if by magic. Two other dining rooms, located on both sides of the entrance and designed in the same spirit allow visitors who want to eat quietly to enjoy their family without being bothered by the games of the little ones.

To make the set even more fun, the designers extend the yellow vertical circulation space on the roof terrace of the Aranya, in a fairy tale world. Another floor to climb and here we are ready to deliver the princess who lives in this red house on the roof of the Aranya.

What to find his child's soul, even when one thinks of having passed age.

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Photographs: CreatAR

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