Shanghai Hip-Pop : Setsugekka

Setsugekka Restaurant in Changchun, China, designed by designer Sun Tianwen, celebrates Japanese values ​​through its minimalist design. A vast, uncluttered space that is both picturesque and restrained.

In Changchun City, northeastern China, stands a white cubic blind volume of 1 300 square meters of floor area, simply underlined by a discreet diffuse lighting. On four levels (in the basement, first and second floor), it serves clean dining rooms, some of which are partitioned by glazing or Japanese paper strips, and a tea room on the ground floor.
If the volumetry of the place is stripped of any ornamentation, its materiality is for it to say the least colorful, even a futuristic strand. In this place, primarily intended for a culinary experience, no detail can come to disturb the visitor: spacious, uncluttered volumes partially partitioned glass, smooth and plain coverings, light wooden furniture in disbursement; all in a layout inspired by the Zen movement.

"We can reject any form of theory or opinion, but we can not deny the potential influence of architecture and the internal environment in which we live. " Sun Tianwen, architect

In the basement, make way for a ... starry atmosphere! The interior of this unique room in yellow hues contrasts with the electric colors of the artificially lit patio, from which it is separated by walls. all-round glass with cherry petals. Here, each of the ten tables is arranged around a stage on which shows can take place.
The LEDs illuminate the rooms in three moods: blue, yellow and pink, the three shades that each represent a season of the year in the art of Setsugekka (which literally means "White flower like snow reflected by the moon", in Japanese), from which the establishment takes its name - a theme borrowed from ancient China and much appreciated during the Edo period in Japan (XVIIe and XIXe century).

Beyond poetry and printmaking, Japanese philosophy also knows how to inspire architecture and design.

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Photographs: Zhang Jing

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