Atelier GMD et Glenn Medioni : Le SyLon de Montmartre

A duo of Parisian friend in love with their city, seizes in 2017 of a goodwill, between the Sacred Heart and Pigalle. The local becomes the SyLon de Montmartre - coffee shop that offers sweet and savory dishes with offbeat tastes. Realized by the GMD workshop in association with the agency Glenn Medioni, the project combines brutality with the elegance of the Haussmann style.

Shifted. A recurrent mood at Carine and Pascal, which translates first of all by the name of the coffee shop, condensed from the first syllables of the words Sydney and London, two inspiring cultures for the two friends. The cross word game of the name, served as a major source of inspiration for the renovation of their business. Driven by the taste of innovative concepts, the GMD Workshop associated with the Glenn Medioni agency - both specialized in interior design - strive to reflect the identity of their clients in a sustainable and qualitative approach, as their habits.

With the aim of giving a Parisian stamp to the project, the architects integrate two key architectural movements of the City of Light: the Haussmann style, characterized by its moldings and its chevron parquet, and the one that blooms everywhere in the trendy bars and cafes. from the capital, recognizable by its rough walls and concrete floors, in a very Berlin-like spirit. Far from imagining a sweetened mix of genres, the GMD workshop and Glenn Medioni play the card of radicalism, as evidenced by the brutal transition between the two worlds. An effect reinforced by certain details, like the ceiling rose, drastically amputated in the most contemporary part.

Dispersed that-and-there, some elements however allow to soften this architectural schizophrenia. At the back of the room, a reflective copper coating expands the space and seems to want to confront the two faces of the coffee shop. Finally, some tables of pubs, have taken a facelift thanks to their trays made of plywood. As if to support that despite differences, architectural miscegenation has good ...

For more information, visit the L'Atelier GMD website et Glenn Medioni

Photographs: Pascal Otlinghaus

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