HAO Design : Le Casse-Noisette

In Kaohsiung (Taiwan), the architects of the HAO Design agency imagined a room full of playfulness for two equally mischievous girls. In addition to the beds, this kingdom which toddlers access through a small hidden door houses a multitude of nooks and crannies conducive to play: a real Wonderland ...

In Taiwan, in the municipality of Kaohsiung, the architects of the HAO Design agency delivered in 2018 the complete renovation of an apartment for a couple and their two daughters. A large-scale operation during which the property lost a part but gained in optimization. Among the strong points of the architects' proposal: the children's room, a textbook case of intelligent and playful treatment of domestic space.

Installed in the middle of the apartment, between the parents' bedroom and the living room opening onto the kitchen, this small square room is accessible by a tiny pink tin door - which is reminiscent of that of a container - integrated into the shelves from the living room library. "Mentioning the door Alice takes after drinking the potion", as the designers like to point out, this arrangement is mainly of a recreational nature, since there is a second, more conventional passage. Thus, a glass partition fitted with an opening opens onto the hallway and allows parents to monitor the mistresses of the place as well as to enter without having to get on all fours! A precaution also useful for when the two girls will have grown up.


Inside, a whole universe of games and entertainment is available to the occupants thanks to the layout imagined by the HAO Design team. Above the two beds positioned face to face is in fact a small hut, like "A fortress", in the words of the architects. Accessible by a ladder, it even has a slide allowing you to escape quickly in the event of an attack from the ugly Queen of Hearts and her minions!

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Photographs: DR

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