Sophie Lallias : Ouvrir sa cuisine

The real difficulty for an architect in charge of modifying a single room or two without intervening on the whole of a realization does not rest as much in the fact of answering the specifications as in the necessity to propose a subtle solution, optimizing the existing without ostentation. A challenge perfectly taken up by Sophie Lallias, who delivers in 2016 in Clermont-Ferrand a kitchen opened on dining room, in all discretion ...

In 2016, a couple and his young child, owners of an old apartment in Clermont-Ferrand (63) contact architect Sophie Lallias. Indeed, they would like to open their very small kitchen on the dining room, which would allow them - in addition to enjoying more space - to cook without cutting themselves off from their guests. From an aesthetic point of view, they have no requirements - "They imposed me no materials, no color", insists the designer - and would simply like Sophie Lallias offers a solution to preserve the hiding of existing, due to moldings, wooden chair rails, parquet herringbone and other fireplaces.


Although it aspires to the most natural and obvious result possible, the architect has no choice, it must cut down the partition that separates the kitchen from the adjoining living room. But before, she removes the floor so as not to alter it; later, it will be rested and completely sanded and varnished for greater uniformity. However, Sophie Lallias is quickly confronted with a much larger obstacle that threatens the homogeneity of the project: the difference in ceiling height between the two pieces now together. Far from being discouraged, she imagines a prefabricated envelope in the workshop, composed of panels of unrolled pine frame - a material which is dear to her - which girdles the piece on three sides, fills the void under ceiling and finally offers a multitude of storage spaces. "It allowed me to delimit spaces without dividing them while creating a warm alcove"says the designer. In the same concern for continuity, she chose a navy blue wallpaper decorated with golden geometric shapes that she applied indifferently in the dining room as in the kitchen.

Selected with care, colors and details help to soften the project. Sophie Lallias thus attenuates her architectural gesture thanks to the use of opal green melamine for the fronts of the kitchen cupboards as well as a laminate of the same shade for the worktop and the credence. Coupled with the absence of handles, this choice makes it possible to erase the functional dimension of the kitchen to the maximum. The overall result only seemed more natural, as if, finally, the architect had never intervened. And it is in this that lies all its elegance ...

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Photographs: Benoit Alazard