Studio 10 : The Maze

Sleeping in a labyrinth of Daedalus ... Located in Pingle County, China, The Other Place Hotel, newly designed by Chinese architects Studio 10, offers rooms with a strong and varied aesthetic, including The Maze, a continued on the theme of the dream teeming with impossible stairs.

If the endless staircases and pastel colors of The Maze, located in the walls of The Other Place, are reminiscent of Lewis Carroll's work, the layout of this somewhat originates from the works of the Dutch Maurits Cornelis Escher, who became famous for his lithographs combining illusions of optics and architecture of the impossible. A production itself influenced by the mathematician Roger Penrose, friend of the artist and creator of the triangle that bears his name, an object perfectly representable in 2D but inconceivable in our physical reality.


As a result, the Studio 10 room is made up of a multitude of steps, some of which are literally upside down when others lead nowhere. The volume appears to be only larger - for without end - and aims to evoke the dream world, itself embroiled with thoughts, ideas and other sensations. To further blur the tracks, the project gives pride of place to the backlight while the hardware is reduced to a minimum. Perfect for a trip version Inception.

To find out more visit the Studio 10 website

Photo: Chao Zhang

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