Ana Moussinet : Les 7 Batignolles

And what if the places of entertainment offered a new kind? In any case, this is what Ana Moussinet proposes with a tailor-made experience in one of the most dynamic new districts of Paris, for the renovation of 7 Batignolles (17ème). Or how to transport moviegoers in a new world before even the beginning of the film!

Although it can almost go unnoticed, the cinema 7 Batignolles enjoys a prime location in the enterprising district of Batignolles, between Martin Luther King Park and the Palace of Justice designed by Renzo Piano. The district thus completes its cultural offer by putting this new place of life at the disposal of the inhabitants of the district.

The complex spreads over 3 levels and consists of 7 70 rooms at 350 seating, equipped with the most innovative sound and visual systems (Sphera, Dolby Atmos and EclairColor). The 7 Batignolles program is completed by a bar and a cultural area of ​​400 square meters on the first floor that open onto a terrace of 200 square meters overlooking the park. The architect Ana Moussinet has chosen to offer an entertaining and colorful living space that accompanies the neighborhood in its new youth.


On the ground floor, the passage through the inner street welcomes the visitor with a rain of light, made possible by shiny brass rings suspended from the ceiling. A clever balance between the vertical neon elements that frame the posters, the cursive scriptures of the walls and the straight lines that run through the ceiling, comes play this graphic and rhythmic composition, which could easily find its place in a hotel lobby .
This astonishing introduction continues in the rooms of the lower level which are housed in a bright red box with psychedelic patterns whose confusing lines, traced from floor to ceiling, accompany the spectators to the doors of the rooms.
The "Family" room is distinguished from its peers by its playful interior. The walls are decorated with colorful origami patterns, in which hide the animals that children can have fun listing until the movie starts, comfortably installed in the fatboys in front of the big screen.

The architect invests the last level of the complex with as many optical details. The terrazzo white floor and the ceiling in golden brass panels reflect finely the purified iridescent foam furniture. The bar, all dressed in blue, decorated with wooden stools contrasts with the significant brightness of the place.
The complex fits with the energy that emerges from the neighborhood, especially as it is intended to host concerts, readings and artistic events, which already make this agora a place of life and dating.

A rhythmic and audacious staging, enough to make a movie!


To learn more, visit the site of Ana Moussinet

Photographs: DR

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