Taller Estilo Arquitectura : Kaleidos House

What's better than a challenge to awaken the imagination of architects? Proof of this is with the narrow Kaleido House, located in Mexico City (Mexico), to which the Taller Estilo Arquitectura teams confer depth and volume. A functional residence that plays with its spatial peculiarities to adopt crystalline tunes.

Kaleidos House is housed in a long, narrow lot in the center of the Mexican capital. Stretching on 69 meters for a width of only 4 meters, the dwelling has a total area of ​​280 square meters. A disproportion that until then made the little exploitable housing that the architects of Taller Estilo Arquitectura were able to divert by games of light and illusions to offer the owners an ergonomic house on two levels.

The builders transform the long and monotonous crossing of the house into a winding path punctuated by semicircular openings and a pool of the same shape and interior gardens. Breaks are placed all along the residence above the central patio and yellow spiral staircases to provide generous access to the overhead light.


The walls and ceilings of the house are made of a polished gray agglomerate and the ground of the first level also retains the raw character of the mortar. The floors on the first floor, which accommodate the bedrooms, are designed from hammered concrete, bringing a little more heat to the rest areas.
Having fun with these details of texture, the architects have preserved the old part of the house dating from the 1970 years on the facade, composed of a paste coating painted in red stucco, materials and colors characteristic of the region, cutting with the monolithic block of the newly added structure.

The designers decided to use no complete partition, preferring reflective glass walls for the rooms. Mirrors are inserted into these walls by tubes, creating an optical illusion by deflecting the light and isolating the rooms from other parts of the house. The kaleidoscopic screens thus recover the natural light at any time of the day thanks to the perforations in a semicircle, to divert it in an infinity of reflections, varying from one hour to another of the day. Simple processes that reverse the trend: if the volumetry of the whole was a constraint initially, it now becomes a real asset.
Lights and materials, enough to make this house dazzling!

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Photographs: David Cervera