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In their early years, restaurateurs rarely enjoy their own space to express themselves and are often forced to reproduce the cuisine of another, failing to give free rein to their creativity. An unfortunate finding that inspires Israeli entrepreneurs who imagine the L28, the first shared facility made available to independent leaders in the heart of Tel Aviv (Israel). A concept generously studied that takes shape thanks to the intervention of architects Kimmel Eschkolot.

On the menu of the L28, named after the street Lilienblum in which it takes place, an evolutionary kitchen, directed alternately not the young emerging chefs of the region. Located in the new head office of Start-Up Nation built by Kimmel Eshkolot, the L28 showcases the most creative cooks who can not yet develop their own restaurant. A unique approach in a country with an attractive architectural context, which aims, in the long term, to launch the career of young professionals.


Composed of an open kitchen, several dining areas, bar, or room, and a private mezzanine, the set displays its warm and natural tones through the use of wooden slats, leather upholstery and greenery, which contrast with the resin floor and the black steel ramps.

The Israeli architectural studio Kimmel Eshkolot operates the double height of the restaurant by installing modular slats on the ceiling, which extend slightly vertically and bend to different areas of the restaurant. An assembly that is later declined into arches, suspensions, or railings that delimit the different parts. The thickness and positioning of the rods form wavy patterns that sift the light and visibility between the different parts of the L28. Above the dining areas, the wooden curtain rises and falls to regulate the level of privacy, leaving the slender lamps in suspension complete the landscape.

Close to the large glass partitions that overlook the street, the designers have brown leather seats and coffee tables to accommodate visitors. In a more formal arrangement, seats lined in gray fabrics are set around round tables and separate the gourmands from the bar and the kitchens. The latter face a green wall that rises to the mezzanine, and shelves from which the preparers can use spices.
To complete the L28 offer, the architects are designing an urban farm on the roof of the building, which houses 6 months of chefs' residences so that they can work from local produce and seasons.

What compete with the starred Michelin Guide!

To learn more, visit the site of Kimmel Eshkolot Architects

Photographs: Amit Geron

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