Studio Malka Architecture : HOMECORE

The streetwear brand HOMECORE offers a colorful pop-up store in the capital at the Galerie Elysées 26 designed by Studio Malka Architecture. A colorful space of 100 square meters in style borrowed from graffiti culture, born in the 1980 years.

The HOMECORE brand is a sight to behold with its shop with the colors of the rainbow set in the heart of the Champs-Elysées. Signed by Malka Architecture studio, the decoration of this place dedicated to the presentation of the new Parisian brand plunges us into the urban world dear to Stéphane Malka, which is reminiscent of the logo of the first tool of the perfect graffiti artist , the famous Krylon spray can.

The architect of Marseille origin - who made wastelands, destroyed buildings and artists' squats his favorite playground at the beginning of his career with stencils and collages in the 1980 years - makes us revise our notions of by projecting a vibrant palette inspired by Isaac Newton's prism on the immaculate surfaces of the shop. A spectrum of several colors, resulting from the decomposition of the light that is displayed from floor to ceiling.

Thus, like shadows on the different volumes, there are seven chromatic arches starting from the various openings of the showroom stretching in an arc, which are superimposed on each other to give birth to green, purple, or even orange. A synthesis of additional colors playing hypnotic geometric shapes in the image of the DNA of the sign.

What turn your head.

For more information, visit the website Malka Architecture Studio

Photographs: Laurent Clément

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