Friedmann & Versace : Riviera

The French studio Friedmann & Versace, formed by the decorators Virginie Friedmann and Delphine Versace, imagines a decor with Mediterranean accents for the restaurant Riviera. For the new Parisian address of restaurateurs David and Lionel, the female tandem signs a summer interior looking like a holiday home. What extend the summer all year.

The summer atmosphere of the restaurant is reflected in every detail of the interior made by the studio Friedmann & Versace, the choice of colors to the selection of organic materials, through the design of custom furniture pieces.

The interior seems to evoke the mythical decorations of the most beautiful villas of the cinema, like the Villa Malaparte in Contempt, the Villa di Geggiano in Stolen Beauty, or that of Ramatuelle in Pool. The mineral whiteness of the walls worked with lime, raised by the warm colors - terracotta and pink - of the furniture, indeed echoes a whole summer imagination. In the same way, the wicker furniture and terracotta ceramics reflect the simplicity of the exteriors and interiors of holiday homes.

Seashells and crustaceans ... Lament the loss of summer. The shells placed in the alcoves by the decorators, as well as the ubiquitous luxuriant vegetation, infuse a spirit of dolce vita in the restaurant. A mix of colors, materials and shapes that creates the joyful atmosphere of the Riviera.

The map, designed by Chef Aurélien Jame around Mediterranean flavors, continues to make us travel between the Côte d'Azur and Italy. While the pizzas are concocted in the Roman style by the pizza maker Giuseppe Corbo, the monkfish is revisited in the bouillabaisse way and the swordfish snacked softens with passion fruit. On the sweet side, the minestrone is reinventing itself like a dessert.

The promise of an endless summer in the heart of Paris.

To learn more, visit the Friedmann & Versace studio website

Photographs: Hervé Goluza