Bring some of the southern heat into the heart of the Big Apple, a challenge? In any case, it is the brilliant challenge of designer and interior designer Dmitry Reutov, who declines the bright colors of the streets of Mexico City (Mexico) with contemporary furniture, offering residents of a New York apartment a little of respite in their everyday lives of city dwellers.

Located south of Manhattan (USA), a two-room 55 square meters undergoes a colorful treatment! Tired of living in a home as gray as the urban environment in which it fits, its owners have given a single directive to the Russian studio Reutov Design: modify without concession their living space provided they do not use white. A constraint that does not, it seems, not enough to curb the creativity of Dmitry Reutov, founder of the eponymous agency in charge of this mission.

Largely inspired by the vivid tones that define the streets of the Mexican capital, the designer is transforming traditional housing into a backdrop of timeless, contemporary and regressive colors. Not unlike the achievements of the South American architect Luis Barragán, the whole invites to travel, making instantly forget to its residents the greyness and noise of the metropolis once the landing crossed.

The walls of the living room are entirely repainted in pink, shade balanced by the cement floor tinted in mint green. A strong palette that can also be found in 1970 inspired furniture with voluptuous silhouettes. The large presence of terrazzo and large cactus point to a more traditional southern landscape, as a nod to the Reutov Design references. Delimited by polyurethane cylinders, the different spaces in the living room communicate visually thanks to the presence of an orange plastic round window placed between the entrance hall and the kitchen.

If the main room detonates with its assertive colorimetry, the bedroom is more sober, referring more frontally to Mexican vernacular architecture, especially thanks to the presence of a ladder structure covered with plaster and then dyed pink, not unlike the texture of the colored stone of the buildings of the City of Hope. On the wall, a hand-painted wallpaper reproduces the sunsets of Central America, for a total change of scenery.

Like what, less is - not always - more!

To learn more, visit the website of Reutov Design

Photographs: DR

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