To celebrate the success of a brand, what better than to dedicate a shop to the height of its ambitions? For its fourth store, the shoe brand Sabbun wants to assert their identity in a concept in line with the evolution of their brand. The architecture and design agency Labotory therefore takes the visual codes that made the success of the other three stores to design a visionary space in Seoul (Korea): a futuristic look, between curves and dysmetry.

Yet young, the brand Sappun was quick to make a name in the world of leather goods. In just two years of existence, the Korean brand inaugurates its fourth store, a stall of 111 square meters in the district of Garosu-gil (South Korea). The building has a striking white façade that contrasts with the surrounding tertiary ensembles. The exterior of the store forms a curved case, whose visual is close to that of a box of shoes, which extends its walls inside. With this introduction, the shop stands out thanks to a composition that takes up the line of its collections: the agency Labotory reinterprets their attraction to pleasure by offering a relief new to their last achievement, placed under the signs of the asymmetry and perspective.

Labotory's designers imagine curvilinear surfaces to produce an effect of depth: the curved walls, into which the columns are inserted - to the right of the store - succeed one another and fit together to form a rhythmic space, which is balanced by different treatment on each side of the store. The master builds on the perspective, snapping the customer to the counter located at the back of the shop and concealing the storage space in the back.
The sales area is widened on the right, and lightened on the left to create an induced circulation and facilitate the arrival of the shoe lovers, all organized around the central furniture: four multifunctional elements which are defined, too, curved lines that can serve as displays, seating or planters. The shelves are also treated differently on both sides of the store: coated with marble or wood, their thickness and finish are designed to punctuate the shopping experience.

A shop that bears witness to Sappun's reputation, located between curves and dissonances, all for a balanced result.

To learn more, visit the Labotory site
Photographs: Choi Yong Joon

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