The sweetness of Japan has not yet revealed all its secrets ... The first cosmetics shop EN Spa has just opened its doors in Paris (6ème). A haven of peace in the heart of Paris, how to resist?

In the 6ème arrondissement of Paris, EN Spa, specialized in Japanese skin care, inaugurates its first shop in a building of the 18th century. The opportunity for fans of Tokyo aesthetics to be lavished various care, massage and advice in a stall of 150 square meters spread over two levels also exposing a hundred products available for sale.

" IN ", for "beauty", "circle" or "connection" in Japanese, brings together the three pillars of the brand in its shop with curved partitions. Archiee architecture studio architects Yusuke Kinoshita and Daisuke Sekine, who are responsible for the design of the pharmacy, retain the rich structural elements of the period building, adding curvilinear partitions and dividers to best meet the needs of architects. identity of the brand.

The ground floor is divided into two parts: the entrance, which is through the east door of the shop, is directly extended by a staircase leading to the basement, while the space dedicated to care and advice takes place in the west. The eastern part of the store has several samples of products on a display surrounded by a gilded partition composed of two discontinuous walls, allowing to open the supports on the entire store.
The gilded brass walls with white finishes offer soft reflections, giving the place a whimsical, almost unreal appearance. The white concrete floor around the intimate separations of the treatment areas helps to guide the visitors through the trade, organized around a long winding course. He immerses customers in the Japanese tradition that hospitality always means patience and longevity.

This path leads visitors to the basement, accessible via a perforated gilt metal staircase. The latter leads to a corridor - embellished on both sides with large mirrors - vaulted stone walls with displays on which the brand's essences are arranged. The products are displayed on individually illuminated shelves and in paulownia wood storage units - a Japanese wood essence appreciated for its low density - in the manner of a wine cellar. This arrangement allows consumers to test the wide variety of fragrances they can associate with each other to create their own fragrance. In this part of the shop, two massage cabins surrounded by oval walls welcome visitors in search of relaxation.

An experiment to test without waiting!

To learn more, visit Archiee's website

Photographs: David Foessel

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