Badass the tattoo ? Not necessarily ! The proof at the new corner of Printemps Haussmann where the girls rebel in a pastel frame imagined by the interior designer Elodie Ricord. "Sorry Papa" is a place as feminine and delicate as the body works that it proposes. A harmonious marriage between rock and softness.

If the tattoo is an art that defines the personality of the one who marks his skin, why would not the salons adapt to the tastes of their customers? A veritable case of candor, "Désolée Papa" is aimed at an audience with assumed femininity whose choices will be focused on delicate lines and discrete creations rather than imposing works on the darker universe. One more step towards the democratization of the tattoo, initiated for several years now.

A bias that has inspired Elodie Ricord who offers a refined corner within the prestigious Printemps Haussmann. Taking into account the notion of intimacy relating to hygiene and the creation of a tattoo, the architect divides the small open space of two screens with six panels of Asian inspiration, made contemporary here by an abstract coating with accents cosmic directed by Solène Eloy of the Atelier du Mur. The client enters this pastel universe through a waiting area composed of two pink armchairs positioned on either side of a brass table with mirror tray. Behind this imposing fresco, recessed furniture houses all the necessary creation, including a plant-based ink that is the success of the show.

With geometry as a conductive line, the designer of "Désolée Papa" combines linear striped flooring with round shapes of furniture and accessories: dark alcoves welcoming different products, mirrors and lighting: everything refers to the soft contours of body works performed here.

What to wring your neck to the reputation - still too - dark of the tattoo world!

To learn more, visit the site of Elodie Ricord

Photographs: Jean Marc Palisse

Zoe Térouinard

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