The infernal trio FREAKS hit again! And this time in the heart of the capital, in an emblematic place, the studio presents its new realization. Manutention, installed in the Palais de Tokyo, is a residency program dedicated to performers who evolve for a month in an industrial and ergonomic setting. A place of choice offered to emerging artists.

Present since the development of the famous art center of the 16th arrondissement signed Lacaton & Vassal in 2002, the project of an apartment / studio dedicated to performance had never been successful. In fact, it took more than 15 years for La Manutention to finally see the light of day. After a sponsorship campaign launched with the Friends of the Palais de Tokyo as well as with the museum's partners, the project, led by Yves Pasquet, Cyril Gauthier and Guillaume Aubrey, founders of FREAKS, finally began in 2018 and ended last February.

Handling is a hybrid concept between living space and rehearsal room of 120 square meters. Divided from fixed partition, the total surface was thought to shelter various activities, as well directed towards the daily life as towards the repetitions and performances. Thus, there is a natural cutting of space in three. A working area, to the south west, is decorated with bars fixed to a wall of mirrors all height, all placed on a soft floor of dark dance while the middle plot is delimited by an anthracite resin and reception furniture in smooth concrete. The last third, located to the north, is concealed by mirrors coated with a colorful treatment whose gradient goes from red to blue and hides spaces related to daily life: bedroom, kitchen and bathroom are indeed set provision of the resident. If the technical parts are immobile, the night space, installed in a square module, can be moved in the entire place according to the desires of the tenant.

Integrated in the aesthetic manufacturing of the Palais de Tokyo, the place declines 50 shades of gray combining brutality and purging lines. A light gray flocking is applied to the ceiling, highlighting the beams embellished with tubular lighting signed Sammode, a little more support the industrial aspect of the whole, while the window side wall is deliberately left raw, recalling the stripped-down spaces of adjacent exhibitions.

The project pays homage to the sober and textured architectural treatment of Lacaton & Vassal and provides young artists with a rare living and working environment. A comfort encouraging contemporary creation which benefited the Canadian artist Miles Greenberg throughout the month of March and who welcomed (and will continue to welcome) names such as Paul Maheke, Regina Demina or even NSDOS, here immortalized.

An ode to contemporary art, dynamic and honest.

To learn more, visit the FREAKS website

Photographs: Ayka Lux

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