In collaboration with the American visual artist Hannah Bigeleisen, the designer Steven Bukowski realizes, in the framework of the Sight Unseen Offsite, the ideal hotel according to him. Result? A vibrant homage to the Memphis movement where graphics and primary colors are in tune with rhythm. Pop!

Organized on the occasion of New York Design Week, the Sight Unseen Offsite reports on the thriving production of young designers and interior designers within the Big Apple. With the next edition fast approaching - from the May 17 - the Muuuz editorial team looks back on one of the achievements that marked the event last spring: a conceptual 10 square meter suite designed by designer Steven Bukowski , and Hannah Bigeleisen, artist, in partnership with the HotelTonight reservation application.
A collaboration that makes sense since the two creators had already worked with four hands in the development of furniture last year. In addition, if HotelTonight helps us find a room to spend the holidays, the site offers us a selection of penates with the design as the key word.

The idea behind this concept suite was to combine several functions in a small space. Far from sterile rooms designed to spend the night, and nothing else, the Bukowski and Bigeleisen project is thought of as a place of life in itself where each centimeter must be stimulating for the resident's spirit and creativity . In a palette of textures and colors honoring the Memphis movement, the furniture designed by the duo is monochromatic, sometimes yellow, sometimes blue and sometimes red and is set in an alternating environment of black and white stripes. A clever treatment that, in addition to giving a unique character to the place, allows, through games of optics and perspective, to increase the volume.

What will we wait until the next edition!

For more information, visit the website Steven Bukowski, Hannah Bigeleisen et Sight Unseen Offiste

Photo: Charlie Schuck

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