"Monsieur Etienne," that's a strange name for an apartment. No wonder the Atelier du Pont wanted to embody an original and ergonomic achievement. An evolutionary staging that adapts to the needs of its owners, in the heart of Paris (2ème).

In an old building of the 18ème century located rue Etienne Marcel in Paris (2ème arrondissement), the renovation of an apartment of 90 square meters reverses the notions of classic habitat. The housing is distinguished by a large "swivel-screen" and its wooden box that compartmentalizes a generous volume without interrupting.

The habitat frees itself from all its partitions with an open plan to favor an intuitive and transparent experience of the space. Here, there are no doors, nor even rooms, but a space that is organized around a kitchen and bathroom block and separates, on the rectangular plane, the room of the living room. It is installed at the end of the apartment, and enjoys the most advantageous views and exhibitions. It has shelves embedded in the white wall that frees the room equipped with a meridian, two wooden deckchairs and a velvet sofa.

The dining room, meanwhile, has a bench adjoining the central island of the kitchen. The latter integrates the wooden block that conceals the bathroom, and adapts its openings and opacity as needed. Associated with rotating screens, the cube is enough to isolate the living rooms of the room.
The materials used are of choice: the Parisian stone denuded by the renovation, combines with simplicity the solid oak floor refreshed and gray marble terrazzo of the bathroom. The casement windows illuminate the entire apartment to the fullest extent, to the most unexpected nook between the kitchen and the living room, in which a generous library is nestled.

A pleasant reinterpretation of the typical Parisian apartment!

To learn more, visit the site of Atelier du Pont

Photographs: Manuel Zublena

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