Installed in the pro-coworking space Wellio Paris Montmartre, in the 18th arrondissement of the capital, Lab114, designed by the Saguez & Partners teams, welcomes Orange employees in a space inspired by the world of sport where the traditional office has no place. No more boxes and other noisy open-plan spaces, today make way for the 2.0 work environment!

Spread over 1 square meters, Saguez & Partners' latest project welcomes Orange employees in a unique setting inspired by the world of sport and its values: team spirit, surpassing oneself, efficiency and playfulness now mingle in the tertiary environment. The set, flexible and modular, meets the old and new needs of workers.

Located on the first floor of an old manufacturing building of the 18th arrondissement of Paris, Lab 114 is organized around a modular playground of approximately 550 square meters whose floor markings, sliced ​​colors and signage refer to the aesthetics of 'a gym. A large space that divides itself into several zones: the "Green", which constitutes the bulk of the whole, is a flexible hybrid place with white panels on wheels - which act as partitions and white boards - can be used as a meeting room, work, reflection etc. Added to this, the "Tribune", hidden behind sliding doors, is an amphitheater that can accommodate up to 90 people when other spaces meet more specific functions and needs: the "Lab", a space of creativity or even the "Core Team", an office of study related to the programming of the place.

An original offer, anchored in current issues, with coworking spaces open to all, more traditional boxes and a "Buvette", a place of relaxation and catering with comfortable furniture and warm colors, welcoming as well paused employees than those looking for an informal meeting space.

A new era is coming.

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Photographs: DR

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