After having chaired the jury of the festival Design Parade Toulon 2018, Pierre Yovanovitch no longer leaves the Villa Noailles and signs a colorful sales area to the games of perspectives assumed. A tribute to the architecture of Robert Mallet-Stevenens and his love of the line that characterizes the Villa, the Mecca of French design.

Each year, Jean Pierre Blanc, director of the Villa Noailles, invites an architect or a design to design the shop. After the organic drawing of Vincent Darré last year, it is today in a brand new space that we buy the works and artifacts offered for sale.

Echoing the cubist garden of the villa, Pierre Yovanovitch offers a set of arcades disturbing the client's perception and giving the whole a deep perspective, exacerbated by the clear choice of nuances that make up the arches. Blue, yellow, pink or gray: at each stage its color.

«This achievement corresponds to my love of opera and scenography» Pierre Yovanovitch, architect

We find in fact the taste for theatricalization of the architect who had staged in particular the exhibition L'Erotomanie Mademoiselle Oops last summer with an atmosphere closer to that of a museum space than a store . A bias that translates here to a custom geometric furniture, presenting the objects to be bought on purified pedestals alternating wood and primary colors.

A design that allows us to wait until June 27, the opening date of the two events organized each summer by the Villa Noailles: the Design Parade Toulon - whose jury will be chaired this year by the Parisian interior designer François Champsaur - and the Hyères Design Parade with Mathieu Lehanneur as guest of honor and president of the jury.

A colorful achievement!

To learn more, visit the site of Pierre Yovanovitch

Photographs: Jerome Galland

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