Land of Parisian cool, the Marais district (3ème arrondissement) hosts a new gastronomic spot with impressive volumes. Named Malro, in tribute to André Malraux - savior of the formerly unhealthy sector - the address offers a Mediterranean menu in a Californian-inspired setting, chic and warm.

Replacing the old restaurant Many, the Malro inherits the constraints left by his colleague: a location with lots of trendy tables and especially a huge area to populate, 350 square meters. A challenge entrusted to the Parisian collective Weekends which proposes three complementary spaces enhancing the impressive volumes of the place: a large main dining room - able to accommodate up to 100 guests - and a winter garden on the ground floor as well as a more intimate space privatized on the first level.

Three rooms, three atmospheres. Penetrating into this new temple of gastronomy - run by chefs Denny Imbroisi and Michael Memmi - by a generously vegetated and luminous winter garden where raw wood and comfortable materials dominate, the customer feels the Californian air in the heart of Paris. Then head for the east coast in the great room that combines concrete, brass and flaking walls in a hubbub typical of Brooklyn. The same treatment is also granted to the upper space, whose reduced surface and the numerous curtains allow to dine in a more cozy atmosphere.

A trip from the Mediterranean Sea to the most posh cities in the United States.

Photographs: JP Combeau

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