Fashion revelation of recent years, the French designer Marine Serre takes up residence in the 19ème arrondissement, in a building designed by Jean-Paul Viguier. To create this showroom and these workshops in her image, the stylist uses Lemoal Lemoal Architects who imagine trays as minimalist as futuristic.

On a surface of 813 square meters, the project is divided into two plateaux: one dedicated to creation, the other to production and trade. The choice of white, unifying the two sets, also serves as a support for the expression of the stylist. Indeed, Marine Serre's models come from a complex process of creation, recalling the work of the architect. In response to the wealth of these processes, the architects design a clean and functional environment with details as qualitative as the clothes. As a response to the work of Marine Serre, the aesthetics of the place combines past and future, revealing the technical elements while giving them furniture with contemporary lines.

The first level is dedicated to the technical part, the production and the exchange between the different members of the team. There are offices, storage space and a large part devoted to manufacturing in the west and a central relaxation area organized around a kitchen and a bar and a large table that can accommodate up to 30 guests. This space fills the gaps in terms of catering service of the district while promoting synergies and dialogue between the various employees.
The more creative part takes place on the upper floor. All stages of the development of the collections, from design to production, are enhanced by curved walls recreating the Marine Serre logo, thus making the creation processes visible from all poles. Via a sectional door leading to a glazed hallway, the visitor reaches the showroom and the office of Marine Serre occupying the entire thickness of the building.

The achievement is part of the "Made in Paris" approach, a call for projects initiated by Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, aiming to develop a real platform for creation and manufacturing encouraging short circuits and local production.

Avant-garde by its envelope, its layout and the neighborhood in which it fits, the project is the image of the creations of Marine Serre: precursor.

Project title : Marine Serre workshops and showroom
Location: Paris (19e)
Owner: RIVP and Marine Serre
Mastery of work : Lemoal Lemoal
Surface area: 813 M²
Cost of works: 700 000 € HT
Calendar : 2019 delivery

For more information, visit the website Lemoal Lemoal Architectes

Photographs: Elodie Dupuis

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