The team of bed and breakfast Urban Cowboy posed on the heights of Brooklyn (USA) succumbed to Saturday night fever by transforming a dilapidated 1950 motel into a retro seventies-style hotel in eastern Nashville.

American entrepreneurs Lyon Porter and Jersey Banks have swapped cowboy hats and boots for eph 'paws and platform shoes with their new establishment, the Dive Motel & Swim Club: a roadside hotel designed as a time Machine. The challenge was significant, to rehabilitate a motel created in 1958 completely abandoned to make it the new landmark of nostalgic globetrotters of the time. "Sex, drugs and rock'n'roll".

Now 23 rooms and penthouses with evocative names invite guests to experience a sensory experience backwards. Of the Mushroom room to the Boogy Nights room through the Jungle Room, we succumb to the well-worn retro universe of each of them where the young couple's furniture and objects are exposed - like the two chairs Panton enthroned in the Honey Moon more with acid colors.

Kitchy armchairs draped in velvet, bed linen in red silk and leopard print, wallpaper with psychedelic patterns or deer head hung here and there, from one space to another, everything is played in the accumulation, but also in the details. Porter and Banks insisted on leaving a vintage radio that invited diners to change from sex "," drugs " or " rock'n'roll »To« Sleep In a fraction of a second thanks to a button connected to a mirror ball handcrafted by disco queen Yolanda Baker. It is also to this woman that we owe the scenery and lights of the famous film Saturday Night Fever.

Adjoining the bar to the atmosphere Twin Peaks On the walls of Playboy magazine covers from 1969, a jacuzzi and a pool with the promise of beautiful lengths will complete this stay of another kind.

Let's groove!

For more information, visit the website The Dive Motel

Photographs: Ben Fitchett; DR

Anouchka Crocqfer


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