For its first address, the Australian brand dedicated to the art of living Zoobibi offers an oasis combining modernity and tradition in the heart of Melbourne (Australia) designed by The Stella Collective studio, led by interior designer Hana Hakim. 

A hot breeze straight from the Middle East blows over the city of Melbourne. Interior designer Hana Hakim - founder of The Stella Collective - offers a concept store in the colors of her Aleppian childhood with elegance and modernity to the Australian brand dedicated to the art of living Zoobibi.

Far from wanting to be locked in Orientalist clichés, the designer abandons the colorful colors for the softness of the different shades of cream and powder pink warmed by a touch of terracotta in the spaces of the shop. Focusing on the natural elements, the walls adorn themselves with lime plaster, the blocks of rocks become banquets, while the marble comes to rest on the trays of tables and display stands erected on pillars like antique columns .

If the place is mainly dedicated to the presentation of the pieces of craftsmen and young creators unearthed in the four corners of the Middle East and Asia, it also serves as a tea room arranged around a fountain. This oasis installed on terracotta mosaic floor has been designed by Hana Hakim as a sanctuary conducive to luxury, calm and hospitality in the continuity of tradition, in memory of a period of recklessness spent in Aleppo (Syria) in the garden of his family house destroyed during the war.

With beautiful high ceilings - pierced by skylights - the whole borrows the aesthetics of Islamic architectures with the presence of a succession of decorative arches whose separation of the relaxation area and showroom is simply by the presence of long curtains.

We almost believe it!

For more information, visit The Stella Collective website

Photograph: Sean Fennessy

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