Located on the island of Menorca (Baleares), a couple undertakes the crazy bet to rehabilitate a finca typical of the region in a charming guest house. To realize this project, Benedicta and her husband appeal to the Parisian studio Atelier du Pont which imagines a contemporary house with Mediterranean accents answering the sweet name of Es Bec d'Aguila.

The 1 250 square meters of the building built in the nineteenth century are spread over three levels and combine vernacular architecture of the island, contemporary furniture and decoration mottled. An association full of charm that one owes to the French studio Atelier du Pont and the local architects of the agency ARU.


Hitherto neglected, the old mansion could dominate the heights of Menorca, but it did not offer enough views and light.
An era that is now a thing of the past since the builders add many openings while whitening the walls with lime, for a better reception of the natural light in the 12 rooms of the set. And in order to give the building an extra Mediterranean touch, the architects re-established the obstructed vaults, which are emphasized by delicate arches.

The visitor enters the house through a pale green painted door echoing the wide presence of olive trees on the outside. Pastel-toned cement tiles and delicate furniture lead to a staircase, distributing a darker landing. This noble floor includes a felted library and bar in the style inherited from the Franco-British colonial period. Finally, the last level, with more rural language, is dedicated to the rooms. The highlight of the show: a rooftop combines traditional influences - tomettes, terra cotta, oriental rugs - and graphic garden furniture.

Guaranteed a change of scenery and privacy unparalleled, the house is part of a green environment characterized by a pool with turquoise water 25 meters.

We would extend the holidays well!

To learn more, visit the site of the Atelier du Pont

Photograph: Karel Balas

Zoe Térouinard

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