To satisfy a growing religious community, the Portuguese city of Odivelas commissions the Estúdio AMATAM local studio an Islamic cultural center. A spiritual temple with a minimalist and contemporary aesthetic where reflection, meditation and conversation are in order.

With regard to their first religious building, the Estúdio AMATAM teams put the dishes in the big to achieve a clean and sculptural Islamic Cultural Center. Far from being just a prayer site, the building is designed as a meeting place for a whole community where social interaction and cultural dialogue are central concepts. Thus, in addition to the prayer rooms, the complex houses an exhibition gallery, a meeting room and a space dedicated to literature.

The building incorporates elements inspired by traditional Islamic architecture - already very present in the city of Odivelas - within a contemporary composition. Thus, the horseshoe arches and hollow-backed arches rub shoulders with a geometrical and rectilinear architecture, where white marble reigns supreme.

The visitor enters this sanctuary through an immaculate and sparse entrance where an olive tree - blessed tree of the Muslim religion - indicates the spiritual nature of the building and in which black arches contrasting help the religious to move. While all the common areas are homogenized by the omnipresence of white, the prayer rooms, on the other hand, combine woodwork with the wall and vinyl flooring, for greater physical and acoustic comfort.

A realization as spiritual as elegant.

To learn more, visit the site of Estúdio AMATAM

Photographs: Invisible Gentleman

Zoe Térouinard

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