Fusion of the iconic cinema Art et Essai Etoile Saint-Germain and the historic Parisian bistrot adjoining Petit Zinc, Beau Regard is the new cultural and gastronomic venue of the 6ème arrondissement. Installed rue Guillaume-Apollinaire, this chic and atypical complex created by the Studio KO combines cocktail bar, cinema and restaurant. What delight the good living lovers of the seventh art.

Formed by the French duo Olivier Marty and Karl Fournier, the Studio KO - to whom we owe in particular the Yves Saint Laurent Museum of Marrakech (Morocco) - diffuses a spectacular style on all the continents. Located in Paris and Marrakech, this discreet pair multiplies prestigious projects such as the Chiltern Firehouse hotel in London, the Balmain boutique in New York or the Beau Regard concept in Paris.

Mixing Art Deco inspiration and inspiration seventies, the restaurant has an atmosphere as festive as hushed. Worthy of a movie set, the interior invites to confidence and entertainment. The walls and the bar are adorned with enveloping wooden mats, while the Pierre Frey carpet displays colorful plant motifs. Thonet furniture combined with gloss leather seats gives the brewery its pure Parisian identity.

Michelin-starred chef Mathieu Pacaud - for whom "Cooking is a total art" - sign a card as enticing as it is audacious. Like the place, the menu subtly revisits the classics of French cuisine, from white asparagus accompanied by Maltese and orange muslin to salt-crusted bar with citrus oil. At the bar, the cocktails continue to intoxicate our taste buds. This winter, the place will also have a club very Left Bank.

On the cinema side, punctilious programming seduces the most film-loving Germanopratins. Authors' films and independent films are screened every day.

When gastronomy meets the seventh art!

To learn more, visit the Studio KO website

Photographs: Yann Deret

Léa Pagnier

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