For more than 10 years, the Parisian publisher Mustache has been offering design enthusiasts to decorate their interiors with iconic and cutting-edge pieces. An institution which now takes place in a colorful setting close to the Saint-Martin canal, imagined by the agency En Bande Organisée, in collaboration with Julien Dufresne Architecte. Focus on the new design temple of the capital.

Developed by Massimiliano Iorio and Stéphane Arriubergé, the Mustache editor brings together exceptional designer pieces and chairs in a contemporary cave. Sting from Big-Game to the wardrobe Brush from Inga Sempé through the TGV lamp by Ionna Vautrin. And to present such imposing furnishings, there is no question of being content with an impersonal showroom! Mustache is a light and colorful identity, between contemporary creation and modernist influences, that it was necessary to find in their shop.

To do this, the En Bande Organisée agency, assisted by the architect Julien Dufresne, is putting on a playful space where the architecture serves the objects presented. The project managers thus opt for a set of volumes combining niches, height differences, and strong contrasts. A system of bright orange racks decorates the white walls with iconic objects, also arranged on a blue central counter as well as on shelves and steps, serving here as a podium.

A place between gallery and designer boutique that does not take the head!

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Photographs: Mustache

Zoe Térouinard

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