Paris is full of surprises! The proof with this astonishing apartment of 75 square meters located rue Saint-Denis. Between Haussmannian work and Scandinavian inspiration, the project signed JCPCDR is a contemporary, luminous ensemble and gives pride of place to atypical volumes, characteristic of the capital. A source of inspiration for all city dwellers who would like to refresh their decoration!

Ah Paris! Its large avenues, its heritage and its unique rooftops… If the city has something to make the whole world dream about, living there is a different story. Narrow apartments, long corridors and loss of space, such is the daily life of a large number of Parisians.

To overcome these problems of volume while retaining the unique charm of the capital's apartments, the JCPCDR agency is renovating a 75-square-meter apartment with a long and narrow corridor to make it a bright and functional two-bedroom.
The entire apartment has been redesigned to add a second bedroom and a dressing room. The circulation spaces have been grouped in the center of the house in order to make the most of the living rooms and to direct them towards the two windows located at the ends.
In order to better define these spaces, the architects play with the floor heights and the differences in materials. Thus, the herringbone parquet - characteristic of this kind of work - mixes with a white lacquered coating, perfect marriage between traditional building and contemporary addition.

This combination of genres is one of the main threads of the JCPCDR project. The set includes, in addition to its two bedrooms, a living room, dining room and kitchen, all combining wood, lacquered white, marble and sleek Scandinavian furniture. Each piece of furniture, custom-designed by the architecture studio, is inseparable from the project. With the main constraint of optimizing the light, the designers rely on a clear and warm palette. With white appearing to be the most luminous choice, the color is here declined on sharp and graphic lines, and awakened by touches of deep blue and luxurious brass.

Result? An ergonomic apartment, well in its time. Challenge revealed for JCPCDR!

To learn more, visit the JCPCDR website

Photographs: David Foessel

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