In the heart of Marseille (13), a stone's throw from the Old Port, is Sessùn Alma, the new boutique of Sessùn, Marseille brand of women's ready-to-wear founded by Emma François in 1998. This showroom brings together the latest collections , handcrafted creations and sun-drenched flavors in a typically Mediterranean decor signed Marion Bernard.

At the request of the designer Emma François, Manon Gaillet and Sylvain Bérard, the architects of the Marion Bernard agency, transform an old soap factory in the Old Port into a sunny setting, where sober colors, natural materials, furniture, works of art , natural cosmetics and clothing coexist in harmony. They transform this space of more than 170 square meters into an atypical concept store bringing together under one roof a restaurant, a reading corner and a shop.

At 127 rue Sainte in Marseille (13), behind a classified mahogany door, hides this peaceful place thought of as the brand as a meeting theater, whose originality is based on conviviality, culture, tranquility, spontaneity, so dear to the founder of Sessùn. The architects knocked down the walls of the soap factory to enlarge the space, now non-partitioned, high under ceiling and endowed with an imposing glass roof. They thus lay the foundations of the brand's vocabulary, between terracotta floors, white walls, raw materials, all of which give the interior a timeless summer atmosphere. The Flirt studio, meanwhile, designed the visual identity of Sessùn Alma according to seven associations of ideas: "free soul", "sacred love", "material spirit", "original femininity", "creative flowering", " saffron sun "and" root temple ".

On the decorative side, the shop sells works by independent publishers and design objects carefully selected by Emma François and Emmanuelle Oddo, the founder of Piece A Part - you can thus acquire the sculptural ceramics of the Italian Paola Paronetto, graphic lights from the designer from Nice Léa Ginac, the terracotta ceramics from the Tunisian Tinja, the small earthenware pottery from chamotte by Julie Boucherat or the fossil objects from the Atelier Carlès Demarquet.

Much more than a simple shop, Sessùn Alma is a place apart, where to discover, read, share, dream, eat ...

To learn more, visit Marion Bernard's website, as well as Instagram accounts of Sessun Alma et flirt studio.

Photographs of Sessùn Alma's views © Nobuyoshi Takagi
Other photographs © Sessùn
Illustrations © Flirt studio

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