The Parisian interior architecture agency Ubalt Architectes, founded in 2015 by Mylène Vasse and Nastasia Potel, transforms an apartment in Montreuil (93) into a minimalist white, black and gray loft enhanced by touches of subtle colors. It is one of the most representative of the duo's surprising palette, combining here graphic lines, delicate colors and worked materials.

The architects Mylène Vasse and Nastasia Potel took the side of creativity to develop this loft of 110 square meters. The apartment is spread over two levels organized around a main patio. The day area - the living room and the kitchen - is indeed installed on the ground floor, while the bedrooms and the bathrooms are located upstairs.

Behind a lemon yellow entrance door is the central room of the loft: a large living room, composed in particular of a pastel green steel staircase, the base of which transforms into a large bench in black and white speckled terrazzo, as well than a large library in green marble, which turns white and extends upstairs. This living space also overlooks a sober stainless steel kitchen and the patio.

The touches of color and the reflective or polished materials punctuate the spaces of the apartment, when the kitchen mirrors multiply the arrivals of light. The transition between interior and exterior then blurs, and light seems to invade the entire space of the ground floor.

The tandem signs a contemporary cocoon, where the imagination of architects unfolds discreetly.

To learn more, visit the website of the agency Ubalt Architectes.

Photos: Ubalt Architects

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