The French gallery owner Amélie du Chalard entrusted Batiik Studio with the design of her Art Room. Located at 8 rue Clauzel in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, the Amélie gallery, Maison d'art exhibits various works and hosts artistic residences in an exhibition space designed like a town house.

At the request of the gallery owner Amélie du Charlard, the interior architecture and design agency Batiik Studio transformed two apartments nestled in a historic building in the capital into an unusual place, between art gallery, showroom and place of life. The Amélie gallery, Maison d'art, now takes place in a spacious space - 230 square meters spread over two levels - and bright - a duplex with large glass surfaces. Designed as a townhouse, this cultural place offers visitors to discover the collection in a furnished space, which allows them to immediately project themselves into the world of the collection. The gallery owner had already seduced collectors and art lovers by organizing temporary exhibitions in her own apartment.

From the entrance to the living room, through the bedroom and the bathroom, all the rooms in the gallery give pride of place to the works and objects selected by Amélie du Chalard through elaborate staging. At odds with the sanitized interior of " white cube », The gallery Amélie, Maison d'art invites visitors to discover engravings, objects, paintings, photographs, sculptures and videos, in an interior fitted out like that of a dwelling. Under the leadership of Rebecca Benichou, the architects of Batiik Studio, however, favored sobriety so that the works presented are always highlighted. They therefore opted for a mostly open-plan space and white walls, and retained certain historic architectural elements - Eiffel posts and wooden Hausmann beams - but married with contemporary touches. On the ground floor as well as upstairs, each room becomes the setting for the creations on display. 

To learn more, visit the Batiik Studio website et the gallery site Amélie, Maison d'art.

Photographs: © Bertrand Fompeyrine

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