Interiors stand out from the crowd thanks to the omnipresence of color, which gives them character. Here are five colorful interiors that make us dream.

The Batignolles Apartment by Atelier Steve
This Parisian apartment of 65 square meters has been completely revisited by the team of Atelier Steve at the request of the new owners. The dated decoration, the dilapidated wallpapers and the outdated spatial logic of the old accommodation now give way to a colorful and bright interior, where life is good. A renovation with character that transforms the dusty interior of this typically Parisian accommodation into a contemporary gem.


Gundry + Ducker's White Rabbit House
Located in the Canonbury district of Islington (United Kingdom), characterized by a large presence of neo-Georgian mansions, a building from the 1970s stands out. Rehabilitated by the Gundry & Ducker Architecture Studio, the house in a thousand shades of green and terrazzo stands out in a typically English landscape.


The Meunière of Belval-Parquet
An old house bought by a couple in Noisy-le-Sec is regaining its former splendor thanks to the implementation of a meticulous renovation project. The architects Belval-Parquet have preserved the authentic source of this old mill by adding a contemporary touch through color.


The New York Apartment by Reutov Design
Located south of Manhattan (New York), a two-room apartment of 55 square meters undergoes a colorful treatment! Tired of living in a home as gray as the urban environment in which it fits, its owners have given a single directive to the Russian studio Reutov Design: modify without compromise their living space provided that they do not use white. A constraint which did not seem to be enough to curb the creativity of Dmitry Reutov, founder of the eponymous agency in charge of this mission.


Yojigen Poketto d'elii
In Madrid (Spain), the agency elii delivers the renovation of a 34 square meter studio. A fully refurbished bachelor apartment, in plan and section, as its name suggests, Yojigen Poketto, literally "pocket in four dimensions" in Japanese. If there is one country familiar with rampant land pressure and associated small living areas, it is Japan. A typological and stylistic influence more than palpable in this Madrid project, by a purity of the drawing, pastel colors and beautiful materials.


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