Architects work on light, and thus put lighting at the heart of their projects. This week, the Muuuz editorial team invites you to discover four perfectly lit functional interiors.

Giada Forte x Robert Vattilana: Strong Forte
The Italian brand Forte Forte has taken over the rue de Grenelle (7th arrondissement) for its very first Parisian address designed by its founder Giada Forte as well as his companion, the artistic director Robert Vattilina. A 100 square meter boutique resembling a boudoir that radiates light.


Ivy Studio: The White's Cleaners
Located in the Boucherville district of Montreal (Canada), this marble and brass case actually hides a high-end laundry with a decor inspired by Parisian apartments in the upper districts. Characterized by a minimalist and polished aesthetic underlined by sophisticated lighting, the establishment renovated by Ivy Studio takes up the codes of Haussmannian housing typical of the French capital, adding a touch of contemporary sophistication.


Miguel Ángel Aragones: Rombo IV
Often guided by a desire for timeless aesthetics and almost total purification, minimalist residences sometimes tend to fall into a cold, redundant standardization. An observation made by the Mexican architect Miguel Ángel Aragones who, in his country of origin, tries to combine modernist design and contemporary madness through Rombo IV, a villa of 1 square meters characterized by a great emphasis on light natural, during the day, and complex lighting made up of blue, orange, purple, pink and red neon lights at night.


Archiee: EN Spa
Japanese sweetness has not yet revealed all its secrets ... The first EN Spa cosmetics store is a Japanese haven of peace in the heart of Paris. The ground floor is divided into two parts: the entrance, which is through the east door of the shop, is directly extended by a backlit staircase leading to the basement, while the space dedicated to care and advice takes place in the west. The different lights that punctuate the different rooms give the boutique the tranquility expected by its customers in search of relaxation.


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