The French brand of ecological and responsible sneakers Veja commissioned the studio ciguë to custom design its first Parisian store. Located in the Marais in Paris, this 80 square meter space was envisioned by the architects as a raw and minimalist shell.

For fifteen years, Veja has been rethinking the sneaker production chain by imposing its avant-garde vision of responsible manufacturing in the fashion industry. From the choice of raw materials to the elimination of any invasive advertising, through the attention paid to working conditions and respect for the environment, all the steps necessary to manufacture a pair of Veja sneakers prove that 'it is possible to produce differently. Faithful to its values, the brand called on ciguë, an architecture studio based in Montreuil (93) known for its responsible approach and its transdisciplinary practice.

Like the brand, the store designed by hemlock promotes ethical stripping and remarkable economy of resources. Located at the corner of Poitou and Debelleyme streets, the space benefits from a choice location and displays a welcome minimalist aesthetic. Inspired by the world of Veja and the famous adage " less is more », The architects made the choice of a relevant deconstruction to preserve part of the existing and develop the place. The parquet floors of the old shop and the facade designed by designer Raphael Navot have been preserved, but certain superfluous architectural elements have been removed.

The deconstruction of the space is completed by a decoration designed according to an eco-design approach. All of the store's displays have been custom-designed and made from sustainable trays including plaster and compressed recycled paper, while the light work created by Brazilian artist Kleber Matheus is powered by ENERCOOP, a French supplier. green electricity. The architects thus achieved the feat of embodying the eco-responsible approach and the values ​​defended by Veja.

With this project, hemlock confirms its excellent reputation by demonstrating its wise expertise and its ability to always experiment.

To learn more, visit the hemlock site.

Photographs: © ciguë / Veja


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