It is to the talented duo Friedmann & Versace that we owe the authentic and warm decor of Boria, the capital's new restaurant.

Inspired by the worlds of Madeleine Castaing, Yves Saint Laurent, David Lynch or Virginia Woolf, Virginie Friedmann and Delphine Versace always tell a story. For the interior of Boria, they evoke memories of a fantastic countryside and imagine a warm interior, where you can taste local specialties. 

"We wanted to translate the authenticity and friendliness of country houses", explain Virginie Friedmann and Delphine Versace. "Make Boria a place where people live and fill with a warm soul in order to offer a real feeling of home", they continue. The authentic atmosphere of Boria is the result of a skilful mix. The decorators showcase old-fashioned colors - moss green, coppery orange, burnt earth - and beautiful materials - wood, ceramic, cane, mother-of-pearl, marble - and combine vintage furniture, such as the large oval table inspired by Scarpa surrounded vintage chairs re-upholstered in velvet, and custom-designed pieces, such as the travertine fireplace, sofas and benches dressed in Dedar, Pierre Frey or Morris & Co fabrics. The bar runway and the Levanto red marble table tops add a touch of contemporary refinement, while the lacquered bowling lamps with embroidered shades, the Jean Roger sconces or the Verner Panton mother-of-pearl pendant lights transform the restaurant into an elegant cabinet. of curiosities.

With its quaint charm decor, Boria is a dream of a country getaway.

To learn more, visit the Friedmann & Versace site.

Visuals: Herve Goluza


Boria, 43, rue du Château-des-Rentiers, 75013 Paris.

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