Portuguese architecture and design studio stu.dere is transforming a warehouse into a toy store. At the request of the owners, the architects respond with a bright, open and fun space dedicated to children.

Founded in 2016 in Vila Meã (Portugal) by Ulisses Costa, stu.dere combines quality and creativity in atypical projects. The studio promotes an original multidisciplinary approach and establishes original partnerships with artisans to impose a personal style and imagine creative interiors.

For the Armazém Morinha project, studio stu.dere completely rethinks the spatial organization of a warehouse and creates an unexpected playful space similar to a labyrinth. The wire mesh, which acts as a physical but not a visual barrier, divides the space while leaving each fragment open.

In addition to spaces dedicated to the exhibition and storage of toys, the ground floor includes an office and a room. On the first floor, there is a photo studio dressed in wood. Next to the stairs leading upstairs, a small double-height space, intended for children, is covered with polycarbonate sheets in which the lamps in the shop are reflected. These games of reflections evoke the magical worlds of childhood.

With Armazém Morinha, studio stu.dere offers salespeople the opportunity to work in an exceptional setting and invites families to enjoy a unique experience.

To learn more, visit the website of the agency stu.dere.

Visuals: © ivo tavares studio


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