To be "beautiful, good and good" is the motto of Metafore. At the end of August 2020, the second floor of a Haussmannian building near the Saint-Lazare station saw the installation of the first Metafore space, the concept of inspiring and sustainable living spaces, designed to meet the needs of large groups, start -up and PME.

Imagined by the architects of the RMGB firm, in a record time of 4 months in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Metafore duplex (soon to be triplex) is built around an entrance, lounges, a dining room, a kitchen and a floor, like a typical Parisian Haussmann apartment. A total of three apartments have been restructured to form new meeting and discussion spaces for professionals. Spacious, they are dedicated to companies wishing to boost cohesion between employees. The format and arrangement of each space are free and determined by the customer himself, according to his needs and desires. This modularity is a real plus for Metafore, which then adapts to all types of businesses.

To allow this modularity, the architects of RMGB have entirely designed pieces of furniture with a view to making them functional and modular. Each item can be stacked, moved and stored easily. A real optimization of the space that it is thus possible to develop, thus avoiding creating monotony, in particular for customers who have made Metafore their recurring “place of professional life”.

Hidden behind its discreet door, the architects also imagined a “secret” room which they devoted to creativity and the exchange of ideas. The kitchen, for its part, is directly inspired by the world of professional gastronomy, with a lot of stainless steel and hanging pans.

The dining room, where nearly fifty place settings can be installed, has a beautiful guest table, a chandelier and modern wall lights, as well as beautiful seats by Pierre Paulin. The interior design, like the decoration, amazes with their consistency.

Metafore considers that its walls, beyond providing a unique and warm experience, also function as an evolving gallery. "For the moment, we are fortunate to be able to exhibit works loaned by our investors, but also by young artists like Camille Cothier" adds Romain Magri. Upstairs, the architects of RMBG sought to get away from it all. Everything is very functional, of course, but the principle is that this floor has been imagined as a house on the shores of the Mediterranean, offering customers a space of escape, always with the desire to come together to exchange, experience and explore a new vision of the world with kindness.

“RMGB's subtle eye, very focused on the choice of materials, comfort and a perfect understanding of the user journey at Metafore have enabled the success of our collaboration on the first space, located on rue la Boétie. This has also initiated a long-term collaboration, since we are currently working on future openings ”, specifies Romain Magri, founder and CEO of Metafore.

The concept of places even intends to extend its offer, from mid-November, by offering its customers a new, more confidential surface. This place, upscale without being ostentatious, is intended to be comfortable, a vector of synergies and free exchanges. The decoration and furniture that will occupy these private living spaces will be the same as in the first Metafore premises and will also be installed according to the customer's needs.

Metafore extends its concept but does not dilute its quality, thus retaining its values ​​of benevolence, hospitality and excellence.

Since 2020, Metafore has been designing modern, inspired and inspiring living spaces, thus revolutionizing professional meetings. By placing hospitality at the forefront, the concept of Metafore places exceptional importance on excellence and the well-being of its customers. These then evolve into flexible, innovative and welcoming spaces, designed for all corporate events. Metafore is part of a sustainable plan, with particular attention paid to the environment. This is also developing in the kitchens of Metafore, led by former Michelin-starred chef Stéphane Laruelle, where the recipes are designed with the aim of producing as little waste as possible. Companies can thus unite their employees around a good table and provide them with a unique high-end experience down to the smallest detail.

Metafore is able to meet business needs in a unique and sustainable way, with a response focused on personal, professional and environmental well-being.

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