Located in the heart of the most prestigious district of the British capital, the pioneering decorator, Guillaume Alan was quickly inspired by this city which was both calm and vibrant with creative energy.

Marked by a bygone era, Mayfair is particularly inspiring, in fact… It is here that the collections of the designer, Guillaume Alan, are naturally born, which combine French excellence with this particular British refinement. Its monochrome signature is reflected in a work of perfection and irreproachable finishes.

Thus the furniture imagined by Guillaume Alan is the reflection of his quest and his passion for artistic craftsmanship, of his attachment to exceptional and authentic know-how. Man is obsessed with precision.

Between brushed oak wood, brass, cold wool, leather or even bronze, each texture is celebrated in the creator's "works" ... In this winter, which offers such a singular light, the palette is more masculine, all in subtlety and custom-made shades of gray and 'Béluga' tint.

A reinvention of cozy chic. Or when sobriety is king ... 

Visuals: © Matthew Donaldson


Guillaume Alan


To learn more, visit Guillaume Alan's website.



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