Because the start of the year is the perfect time to take care of yourself and your well-being, Aline Erbeia, creator of The Precious Energy, imagines objects with beneficial energies to prepare our interiors for 2022 ...

The Precious Energy are unique creations designed by Aline, interior designer: mirrors, candlesticks, furniture and other decorative objects created in limited series and adorned with semi-precious stones and crystals.

Beyond being a sharing of his passions with the world, Aline's creations aim to bring good vibes to the heart of our habitats. Thus, each object has its own vibrations which radiate permanently in the environment where it is invited. 

When leaving the workshop, each mirror is also purified by a mixture of incense, sage and palo santo. During this ceremony, Aline adds her best intentions so that the object becomes a real talisman for its next buyer.

2022 promises to be positivity to take back control of your personal well-being thanks to Aline's creations which will soothe interiors while enhancing them! 




To learn more, visit the site of Aline Erbeia.



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