19.86 by Rubén Arnanz is the latest restoration project from the Spanish studio Stone Designs, founded by a duo of very promising designers: Cutu Mazuelos & Eva Prego. 

The project is located in the emblematic Galería Canalejas in Madrid. In this space created for the Michelin-starred chef Rubén Arnanz, Stone Designs wanted to give pride of place to Castilian gastronomy. 

Castile represents, better than any other place, the identity of Spain since time immemorial. At 19.86, the scenario is perfect for burning the sensory memory of the guests in fire, wood and stone... 

The space itself invites visitors to awaken the senses, and more particularly taste... For the Chef and his team, it is also a perfect space of inspiration to find the flavors and colors of the menu, for highlighting a land so rich in contrasts… 

The materials used, such as granite, chestnut wood and stainless steel, are sufficient on their own. For the designers, the biggest challenge has been to bring out beauty and ensure the comfort of places with all the simplicity that characterizes them... 


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