frendeites® was born from the meeting between architects Giulia Delpiano and Corrado Conti. Since then, the two creatives have been designing high-end projects like the Matilde apartment located in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

It is in the city center that this apartment, which also serves as an exhibition space, has taken up residence in a building built in 1700, and raised in the 1960s. Here, every square centimeter has been thought out down to the smallest detail in order to best optimize the decor of this 65 m2 space. 

Initially, the intervention of® consisted of a complete demolition operation of a load-bearing wall in order to create an open space living space comprising a kitchen, a living room and a dining room. The objective was to give pride of place to conviviality. 

The master bedroom has been designed according to the codes of the hotel industry: the velvet headboard, specially created for the desired atmosphere, is wired and equipped with a USB port. The sleeping area is completed by a bedroom of smaller dimensions, whose ten square meters are enhanced by particular decorative elements.

In the bathroom, attention to detail translates into the choice of exclusive, high-quality products, right down to the taps. The shower area deserves a special mention because of its width and its original and creative position.

Judicious use of mirrors, crystal elements and distinctive lighting techniques also contribute to making the spaces brighter and clearer, through a play of transparency and reflections.

The colors also play a key role in giving vigor and dynamism to the walls, embellished by a deliberately very present wallpaper. 

In these places, which also reveal the two designers' passion for vintage, all the furnishing objects and accessories, if they have survived, remain elegant and full of charm. 

More than an apartment, Matilde is a true place of creative expression. It has even become an exhibition showroom. 


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