Coppery Architecture was founded in 2017 by architect and interior designer, Kim Layani. Keen to expand her creativity, Coppery Architecture decided to launch her own furniture brand, Coppery Design…

Coppery Design aims to bring the final touch to the realization and design of interiors. The brand thus offers a collection of furniture with noble materials, unique shapes inspired by the greatest metropolises of our century, and various colors.

Inspired by an office file holder, the NEST chair represents a nest as its name suggests. It is a design armchair and not a dining chair. Its wide wooden back serves as a support for decorative objects. 

The NEST chair is available in two versions: on one side, in powder beige tweed, walnut wood and copper and on the other, in emerald green velvet, wenge wood and brass. 

A cocooning effect and a design aspect to adapt and enhance all interiors.


To learn more, visit Coppery Architecture website.


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