Studio noa* worked for a young Italian family looking for a pied-à-terre in the heart of Paris with a decoration similar to them... It thus designed a layout giving them the feeling of being at home, far At her place… 

An exciting mission that appeals to sensations, images and memories. 

Following the design philosophy that has always marked noa*'s approach, the interior designers began with a phase of research and intense dialogue with the occupants of the premises to ensure that the apartment would tell their story of best possible way. 

A "nomadic spirit" imposed itself from the outset, the owners describing themselves as citizens of the world. 

The bespoke design gives pride of place to blue-grey marble while the fabrics for the cushions and furnishings, the choice of materials and the colors for the floors and ceilings are inspired by the hues of the roofs of Paris.

And when the living room is dressed in bleached oak parquet in a typically French herringbone pattern, the corridor distributing the different spaces is in terrazzo. Among the highlights of the decoration, also, a Chester sofa. 

The result is an interior with a serene, calm and welcoming atmosphere, an apartment with curved lines and the smell of wood... 


Visuals ©: Antoine Huot

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