Draw inspiration from the past to better anchor and radiate in the present. A positive nostalgia carried by Funny de Monsieur with a neat sportswear and men's wardrobe with a unique aesthetic. 

A retro and authentic universe that Label Experience interprets in this 85m2 shop, full of cultural inspirations from the 70s and 90s that the brand claims.

Founded in 2014 in Dijon by two self-taught men, Funny de Monsieur dresses a male clientele and draws inspiration from the past to imagine the sportswear of tomorrow. A declaration of love for the streets as a place of expression where dreams and reality, ambition and the energy of youth meet. From their slogan "Not from Paris Madame" which has made the brand shine in recent years as a banner of creativity from elsewhere, they are now settling in the capital and continuing their ascent in the world of fashion. .

To design this pop-up store, Label Experience immersed itself in the artistic direction of the brand, drawing its references from the urban, cinematographic and musical culture of the 70s and 90s.

Inside, the shop is designed like a recording studio where you can find strong elements such as a piano, a vinyl turntable, old speakers and LPs.

The atmosphere is cozy, full of character and warm. Beige and green are available throughout the space in accordance with the graphic charter of Funny de Monsieur.

The choice of materials is also a tribute to this bygone era: carpet (tailor-made) with ornamental motifs on the floor and paneling on the walls go perfectly with furniture that is almost entirely antique to respect the vintage style dear to the brand. Corduroy (a fabric of the brand) dresses the curtains of the fitting room.

A curtain of wooden beads (by Maison 1909) also serves as a transition between the sales area and the reserve: a reference to a past style, updated by a house that offers contemporary pieces.

Finally, Label Experience adds references to travels which reinforce this impression of going back in time: an Italian pot of medici inspired by the Art Nouveau movement of the beginning of the 20th century and the Portuguese azulejo tiles on the body (also custom-made ) punctuate the atmosphere.

Final bouquet and Proust madeleine, you won't miss the bike in reference to the cult film "ET, the extra-terrestrial", customized in the image of the brand and enthroned at the back of the shop adorned with a sublime bouquet of dried flowers.


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