Decorator and inveterate bargain hunter, Tiphaine Verdier begins by scouring flea markets to unearth the dream objects of her sponsors in order to re-upholster them with top-quality colorful fabrics. She quickly launched into the French manufacture of iron benches, thus sharpening her taste for know-how. 

With this expertise and concerned about quality and ethics, the designer designed and launched a very first collection made in Portugal in an artisanal way. In March 2022, the tease, the tombeur and the sulky, respectively lamp, armchair and cushion are the first born of a family of accessories for a living room in full bloom! 

Playful, feminine and, a bit, regressive, the delightful collection directly inspired by the world of flowers reveals its creator's appetite for a completely classic chic, as much as her talent for bringing it that hint of freshness that anchored in modernity! To perfect this promising set, Tiphaine Verdier imagines a coordinated jacket and its removable armholes to wear indoors or to take away to shine in society. 

Sketching with these first pieces in series the contours of a joyful universe, an obvious pretext for the joy of being together, for the sense of sharing, of welcoming, for the happiness of receiving, Tiphaine Verdier affirms her authentic taste for others as much as its explosive decorative personality.

And long live excess! Guests like Marie Antoinette or Elisabeth II would certainly not have shunned its extravagant candy decorations which maintain special links with history, the great and that of the arts. 

Fed up with museums, flea markets and old art books, subscribed to Drouot sales on weekends from an early age thanks to her parents who were collectors, Tiphaine naturally traced her path towards creation. 

A graduate of the Berçot studio, she quickly left fashion for the world of art which, even today, continues to nourish her inspirations. Expatriated to London for 8 years, Tiphaine definitely adopted the uninhibited British style as one of her trademarks. Back in France adorned with this flowery and daring vocabulary so typically British, she undertakes with the Causeuses to cheer up the interiors of Paris and elsewhere.


Visuals ©: Marjolijn de Groot


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