It is at 2, rue Sainte Croix de la Bretonnerie in Paris that this Asian-style restaurant opened its doors. A place imagined as a bridge between the West and Taiwan by Régis Botta Architectures.

Between Chinese flamboyance and purity of Japanese lines, here is a restaurant that invites you to travel. Large arches (moon gates) structure and organize the space to create an effect of depth. They are the architectural and decorative signature of the place. A brass bar sits in the middle of these arches and houses the restaurant's kitchen, a show kitchen organized around a Japanese barbecue. The chosen lights envelop the place, offering a feeling of warmth to visitors, and playing with the brilliance of the bar and the furniture.

They flirt with the wood of the coffered ceiling... The place is marked by the duality created between the raw aspect of the walls (in plaster) and the ceiling (in solid oak), and the sophistication brought by the massive use of brass. The yellow resin floor completes the atmosphere: between tradition and modernity...

In terms of furniture, the stools and chairs are also in brass and gilded leather. They were designed especially for the place. The tables are in solid oak.

Here is an invitation to travel signed Régis Botta Architectures.


Visuals ©: Luc Boegly



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