Perched above the Lez Market, Muchacha, this festive bar and restaurant joined the (very) popular Lez ecosystem in September 2020. A true declaration of love for Latin American culture, this rooftop of more than 500 m2, led by the Bonne Compagnie team, is distinguished by its playful approach to the customer experience.

To think up the Muchacha concept, the Bonne Compagnie team, led by serial entrepreneur Julien Manival, went on an observation trip to Mexico to bring back a piece of this culture he loves so much. There were also two years of work before the rooftop could open its doors and keep its promise of a rare experience in Montpellier. 

Marie Allouche, the decorator of the place, was obviously part of the initiatory journey. Nothing has been left to chance, from the little jungle, made up of exotic plants that adorn the terrace, to the Muchacha posters that recall Latin American street art, and the choice of ornamental tiles placed here and the. 

The touches of pampas flowers, the patterned seats, the warm-coloured benches and the neon lights that convey sweet words in Spanish transport visitors across the Atlantic.


Visuals ©: SimonDetraz


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