With Bakers Lounge, architects Ar. Badrinath Kaleru and Ar. Prerna Kaleru are redefining the codes of Indian confectionery. They offer here a space between French bistro and English pastry with a very assertive retro atmosphere.

This is a new kind of Indian sweets and confectionery shop, where a French bistro meets an English patisserie. Traditionally symbols of celebration in India, sweets are associated with auspicious events, and therefore occupy a very special place. But, in recent years, the atmosphere of these shops has become quite routine: shelves shaped according to similar models, unexceptional seats and very classic floor coverings… Nothing very exciting. 

Thus, this new kind of confectionery tries to break these codes in order to create a space with a striking aesthetic. Objective: to make visitors' mouths water by offering an unparalleled retail experience that transcends all sensory barriers upon entering the store.

Discernable areas have been laid out in order to provide a myriad of offerings such as packaged food items, baked goods, “to order” food preparations and sweets. 

In terms of atmosphere, the architects here make a nod to the British colonial era. The tone is set: arches reminiscent of art deco, checkerboard soffits, a kaleidoscope of monochrome floors, pastel ceilings, light fixtures with hanging bulbs… Welcome to a somewhat “retro” atmosphere.

In addition, the arches are specially designed to move away from the usual layout of displays and delimit multiple spaces. The goal: to get away from banality as much as possible and create a point of sale with a punchy atmosphere… And it works since the Baker's lounge is the busiest candy store in the town of Panchkula!


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