Attention and care for the finishing phase: this is what defines the artisanal creations of Armando Rho. It is thanks to a network of cooperators from the furniture district of Brianza and highly qualified workers that the Italian company manages to offer each buyer unique creations. 

To create a unique piece, you need unique materials. It is during the important woodwork selection process that the style chosen by the client will begin to emerge. To characterize one's own living space, the choice of material plays a major role. They can be natural or lacquered wood panels, with different shades of gloss, always in keeping with the style of the project. 

Metal inserts are used to create a touch of contemporary taste. Most often, the choice falls on the use of exotic and precious woods, further enriched by inlays or paintings made by hand, wooden elements carved with gold or silver leaf. 

The possibilities are endless: the inlays of precious and semi-precious stones refer to the high Florentine craftsmanship. Moreover, the use of ruby, malachite, coral, diamonds and sapphires goes back to this famous tradition. It is therefore also a nice nod to history. 

The woodwork is always made to measure, based on surveys carried out on site by Armando Rho technicians, and is then assembled by skilled workers from the company.

The theme of textiles is also very important: the fabrics used by Armando Rho are ordered from a weaving company based in the district, which guarantees exclusive creations. The colors, the designs and the composition of the fabrics are chosen directly. Furthermore, silk is used to create damasks and brocades, with constant reference to the past and to the taste of different historical periods, where woods and fabrics together play the game of recalling ancient suggestions. 

Armando Rho is ultimately the art of choosing unique materials that resemble their customers.


Visuals ©: Armando Rho


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